Agro Las 1

one of the largest WestPomeraniaN Nordmann fir plantations

TEL. +48 605 058 340

TEL. +48 793 971 108


Our Christmas trees are not only cared for by the specialists who work on the plantation, but also the independent experts who certify us year after year.


For over ten years we have been growing firs.
Our plantation is located in Western Pomerania
and covers an area of over 500 hectares.

The best quality

The high quality of the trees growing on our plantation is appreciated by customers in Poland, Germany, the UK  and Scandinavia.

Wholesale Christmas Trees

We wholesale fir trees (Abies Nordmanniana) in four quality grades: 1, 2-extra, 2-standard and 3, 
in different sizes from 100 cm to 400 cm (cut trees) and 50 cm to 150 cm (potted trees). 
The price of our Christmas trees start from 20 PLN net per 200 cm tree.