About us

Our plantation is located in the West Pomeranian Region. On an area over 500 hectares, we have been growing Nordmann fir trees (Abies Nordmanniana) for more than 10 years.

The seeds from which our Christmas tree have been grown come from the Caucasus, the home of strong, healthy and frost-resistant fir trees. After the careful selection of these seeds they are grown in Danish nurseries. After 3 years, the young trees pass their first selection and as seedlings we plant them on our plantation.
In the West Pomeranian Region, in the area where the plantation is located, there is a microclimate similar to the Denmark, which creates the perfect conditions for our Christmas trees to grow. 

Our Christmas trees are not only cared for by the specialists who work on the plantation, but also the independent experts who certify us year after year.

Every year before Christmas, we wholesale healthy, lush and dark green trees that come only from our plantation. In our offer you will find trees cut and potted trees in various classes (1, 2-extra, 2-standard, 3) and different sizes, from 100 cm to 400 cm (cut) and 80 cm to 175cm (potted). 

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